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We are able to support your firm by providing education in general product capabilities and knowledge, continuing education (CEU) courses, delivered in either a lunch & learn format, or other unique options that we have developed.  A few of the subjects we have developed presentations on, that are available to you are:

Ergonomics 101

Every project we are involved with at H&B is driven by budget and schedule, along with various other key factors.  We are finding that some basic fundamental good design practices are being forgotten.  Ergonomics plays a vital role in contributing to the HEALTH and WELLNESS in today’s DIVERSE workplace population.  In preparation of developing this presentation, we interviewed the president of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists, to understand what is important and to provide you with a list of resources you can use.  Through our partnerships with certified ergonomists followed by the manufacturers we represent, we are able to facilitate proper consulting and solutions to you, rather than simply sell you accessories.

Office Trends 101

Offices of today are very different that a few years ago.  At any given time in North America, one third of employees are not ‘at work’ and of the remainder, almost half are not at their desk.  Today’s offices are becoming highly collaborative and mobile user friendly, yet many users still occupy furniture not designed for their current work style.  Implementing the integration of people, space, and technology effectively can lead to reduced real estate costs and increased productivity of the employees who work within the space.  An understanding of “less done right is more”, with a strategy of how to transition your workplace is paramount.  Understanding key factors such as how technology can assist, how work is preformed, and how we can help with the assessment of how existing furnishings can be applied, can both save money and ensure measureable increases in employee productivity.

Dealer 101

Just about every project involves furniture to various degrees.  We are finding that more and more projects require a very close working relationship between the designer and the furniture dealer.  All too often the design concept or functional requirements are not met due to various factors throughout the design process, budget, and implementation phases. We can help with the how & why, what is the value to you and your clients in the various procurement processes available, and what results to expect with each.  We can help your firm understand what the benefits to you as a designer are for using a dealer you know and trust for those projects where furniture is integral to success, and not just a commodity.  We’ll review the types of services Dealers provide to you and your clients and how is furniture bought in the corporate world.

Please call us to discuss further how we can make learning interesting.