Great workspaces don’t just happen.  Predicting your future office is often a challenge for you.  They often start with a single idea, and we hope you find that idea by browsing the following ‘thought starters and inspirational” collections.  The IDEA Book for Working will help by introducing you to a variety of the most popular products currently available from some of our partners for corporate environments.

Good design is found in the details, and that’s what our Enhancing IDEA book is all about. Browse all the products that help to bring the finishing touches to your space to improve productivity, boost creativity, and support branding. You’ll be sure to enhancing pride and function to your workspace while often supporting important issues such as ergonomics, wayfinding, and collaboration.

The industry specific IDEA books for Learning and Healthcare look beyond corporate and adds those partners of ours that specialize in meeting the unique needs of each industry.  Please contact us today for further information, or a hardcopy of our books.