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Make space for more…

With 45+ years in business, we have learned that a successful space is about more than furniture. It’s also an investment in the future of your company. That’s why we’re focused on delivering more to you – more expertise, more ideas, more accountability and more communication. So, let’s get started. Together we’ll make space for more.

More ideas to get the most out of your space

We know the best solution starts with a simple conversation. We don’t prescribe solutions. First, we listen. Then, we do our homework to identify and deliver on what you need, not only what’s trendy. Whether you’re starting up, growing or have multiple locations, we translate your company’s goals along with your industry’s specific needs into smart and unique ideas that get you to your ideal workspace, whatever that may be.

More in-house expertise for your project

We fine-tune the right project resources to deliver on every detail. Canadian owned, we have six offices across key North American markets. This allows us to assemble the right people with the right skills, at the right time for your project, with no learning curve or downtime. Our in-house installation company is a fully integrated and accountable member of our team. Everyone uses the same processes, so we can deliver on every detail from start to finish.

More communication & transparency at every step

We are always finding smarter ways to do business with you. We tailor our service to suit you. Collaboration and communication happen at every step, keeping us on track and ready to identify where and how we can improve. By sharing project information, and reporting according to your schedule, we ensure transparency and build trust. No matter the time of day or night, we won’t ever keep you in the dark.

More accountability across our team

We are a great company built by great people. Our employees are the heart and soul of our company. We are creative, resourceful and accountable. We have built a culture where everyone is empowered at all levels to solve problems before they become obstacles. No one passes the buck here.

Our Defining Culture

Core Values

These are the cultural values that define us.



Our entrepreneurial spirit drives our decision making. Everyone is empowered to act decisively because good ideas are valued and supported at every level.



We share a “can do, will do” attitude. When asked “who can solve this problem?” The default answer is always “me”. Supporting creativity and ingenuity enables us to go beyond what’s expected to deliver the extraordinary every day.



We believe the best ideas come from a diverse group of people. Our culture rests upon a foundation of mutual respect and belonging.



While we have processes in place, we bring a personal touch to every project. We take care to build trust with each other and our customers in every interaction we undertake. Long-term relationships define our success.

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Creative and Resourceful

Our Journey

Hb Journey One

Our story

Our entrepreneurial spirit dates back to 1915 when Jim Holmes started his shoe store legacy. Following in his grandfather’s ambitious footsteps of entrepreneurship, Rick Holmes founded Holmes + Brakel (H+B) in 1975. H+B continues to operate with the same principles on which it was founded: Quality, Service and Integrity. These are the cornerstones of our company and remain the principles of how we do business today.

Hb Journey Two

Our journey starts

In 1975, H+B opens for business - choosing Pickering, Ontario as our corporate headquarters - with the vision to become a full-service contract interiors business that works with clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Hb Journey Three

Our journey continues

In 1980, H+B establishes PRO Office Service, a wholly owned, independent installation & service company to satisfy an increasing demand for quality office furniture installation.

Hb Journey Four

Our journey aligns us with Teknion

In 1983, H+B makes the decision to officially align with Canadian-based manufacturer, Teknion Furniture Systems, as our premier manufacturing partner.

Hb Journey Five

Our journey takes us south

In an effort to better service our customers across North America, H+B expands into the US market in 1997, opening new offices in both Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida.

Hb Journey Six

Our journey takes us east

In 1998, H+B Ottawa opens, allowing us to explore new business opportunities in the Nation’s Capital – this is our 4th location and 2nd Canadian location.

Hb Journey Seven

Our journey takes us west

In 1999, H+B heads to the west coast and opens its 3rd location in Canada and 5th location worldwide, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Hb Journey Eight

Our journey brings us to Kingston

In 2018, H+B opens our 6th office location and 4th Canadian location in Kingston, Ontario - making H+B the only Teknion dealer from Toronto to Ottawa.

Hb Journey Nine

Our journey isn’t over

We are 100% Canadian owned with 140 employees across North America, ready to serve you. Our journey is far from over – we continue to evolve every day and are always seeking ways to better serve you.