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Less is more

Small steps and actions over time become a history of responsible achievement, and a record of the process of change. to more detailed tips. As we strive for products and services that reduce our carbon footprint, we are committed to ensuring that sustainability practices are at the core of our business.

Like most companies, we do our part to recycle and be as paperless as possible. We have established and maintain a framework for setting environmental objectives to minimize the impact of our products and services through ongoing sustainability, continuous improvement and the prevention of pollution.

Some of our offices are fitted for energy efficiency measures, such as lighting and HVAC. We also support a work-from-home culture to reduce the use of fossil fuels to commute to and from the office.

We believe that effective health, safety and environmental standards are attained with everyone’s involvement. Our employees actively take part in protecting themselves, their colleagues and the environment by complying with our health, safety and environmental policies and procedures. We encourage employees to develop a sense of responsibility for their health, safety and the environment.

Many of our clients are also committed to sustainability as a business value, and they’re some of the most successful companies in their fields.

Partner Programs

Teknion Divert

Divert was established to help achieve our customer’s goal ofzero waste. As a turnkey service, Divert provides the people and expertise to help customers divert furniture they no longer need from landfill by providing them with the option to donate, recycle and/or sell that furniture.

Transparent and traceable, this program ensures our customers garner maximum financial and social benefit with minimum environmental impact to themselves and the communities in which they operate.

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Learn more about our manufacturing partners’ sustainability efforts:

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